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Free Online English Lessons for ESL Students

-Learn English Reading, Writing & Thinking through News Articles!


  • Free reading comprehensions for intermediate & advanced students of English as a Second Language.
  • Writing practices are included.
  • Turn in your work in the students’ FORUM.
  • Topics can be used for college/high school term paper writing and composition.
  • A wide range of topics available to improve your English skills in different aspects.
  • Use the free online lessons as a supplement to your classroom lessons.
  • Pick stories depending on students’ age and level.
  • Adapt them to your lessons.
  • Check comprehension by asking questions to the class at the end of readings.
  • Build a new vocabulary list. Write down definitions and unique sentences for the new words.
  • Encourage students to learn outside the classroom.
  • Actively promote English reading and writing skill development.

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Untitled Document Here are some tips, terms and questions to help you deal with the stress caused by school exams, or anything else for that matter.
Date submitted: 27/02/2006
2 Consider the price
Can you find Nemo? This lesson teaches us about Nemo. Well, it is not about Nemo that movie character. It is really about the kind of fish that Nemo is! Read more to find out!
Date submitted: 05/08/2004
3 If you were in charge
This lesson is great for developing critical thinking. Try and question the first news article and then see if the second news article answers those questions.
Date submitted: 12/03/2004
4 Building a war vocabulary
Read a newspaper article about Iraq and learn new words that are often used regarding the topic of war.
Date submitted: 12/03/2004
5 Rights to walkways and footpaths
Read a news story and take what you know and apply it to a new problem. This will help you to create a greater understanding of what causes the problem and what some possible solutions might be.
Date submitted: 12/03/2004
6 Dealing with the tough stuff
Search for the differences between facts and opinions. Then create a list of questions that tests other people, and see if they can tell the difference. Bring your results back to ESL Monkeys Student Forum to see what other students found!
Date submitted: 11/03/2004
7 Its just human nature or is it?
Four stories about ordinary people involved in quite out-of-the-ordinary events lead to conversations about human nature. There are some conversational gambits, too.
Date submitted: 11/03/2004
8 Telling strange tales
Test yourself by reading interesting news and remembering new vocabulary.
Date submitted: 11/03/2004
9 Top of the news
Read picture captions to help you build an understanding of brief summaries and descriptions. Good for vocabulary building.
Date submitted: 11/03/2004
10 Getting someone in focus
Learn how to interview someone! This could be useful for newspaper interviews or even learning some ways to ask or answer job interview questions! Share your questions with ESL Monkeys Student Forum.
Date submitted: 10/03/2004
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