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Difficult Decisions

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Submitted by:
Rhett Merz
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Submitted on: 12/26/2005 19:03:44 

Topic: Group Work
Level: Intermediate, Advanced,
Age: Adults
Skill: Speaking,
Small group discussions based on difficult situations.
Increased fluency, practice talking in meaningful exercises, and the chance to teach useful vocabulary and phrases
30 minutes
(Print and give hand-out to students to discuss in pairs or small groups)

1) You are a high school senior. Your boyfriend/girlfriend of two years is going to study abroad after graduation. You will stay put and go to university in your home country. You feel like you love him/her very much, and youíre sure he/she loves you too. What should you do? Should you break up, or stay together and wait for each other? Explain the reasons for your choices.

2) You are a working young adult. Your boyfriend/girlfriend has just gotten a promotion complete with more responsibility and a much higher salary. The catch is, they have to move to another city. You also have a successful career, but thereís no option for you to transfer to the city your partner needs to go to. What do you do? Do you try to talk them into passing up the opportunity and staying with you? Do you quit your job and follow them to the new city? Do you decide to have a long-distance relationship? Or do you decide to break up? Explain your decision.

3) You have been pretty happily married for several years, but have no children. You genuinely love your spouse. You just found out that your husband/wife had an affair with a co-worker. They apologized, crying and promised it would never happen again. What do you do? Do you give them another chance? Do you insist on divorce? Explain your answer.

4) You have been married for a number of years and have two children. You and your spouse have really grown apart over the years though, and now you just donít love him/her like a husband/wife anymore. What should you do? Do you bite your lip and stay together for the kids? Do you divorce and look for love and excitement again? Do you go to marriage counseling and try to rekindle the old flame? Do you stay together and find a lover to fulfill the needs your partner doesnít? Explain your reasoning.
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