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Submitted by:
Angela Constantinou Charalambous
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Submitted on: 10/21/2011 13:53:05 

Topic: Other
Level: Intermediate,
Age: Teens,
Skill: Writing
A plan raising the pupils awareness on important parts of life.
Students are expected to be able to:
build theme vocabulary and extend reading and listening skills
take detailed notes and decipher them
participate in speaking and writing activities
boil all their information down into concise paragraphs

90 m
Group colour-coded Worksheets
Computers connected to the net, CD player, TV, headphones, OHP, DLP.
PPT, a map/sphere
Stage 1 Warm up (6 - 10 m)
- Using a PPT, a map/sphere the T introduces the ss to the topic.
- T asks Wh-questions to help them think critically.
- Elicits vocabulary on rites of passage issues and aspects

Stage 2 Differentiated group work (20 m)
Divide students into groups of four/five and assign tasks as follows:

Group A - Reading Task [Moving On]
Group B – Listening Task [Fulani initiation]
Group C - Viewing Task [Apache girl – Mexico]
Group D - Computing Task [Japanese rites of passage]

Provide each student with a copy of the relevant w/sheet and the group with a dictionary. While students work move around to guide, facilitate and encourage. Special consideration should be given to weak and shy students.

Stage 3 Getting ready for presentations (5-10 m)
Get students practise their oral presentations within their groups, paying special attention to voice, eye contact, etc. (provide each student with a copy of the marking grid to make sure that their presentation meets the standards).

Stage 4 Presentation stage (15- 20 m)
Get groups present their work and the rest of the students assess them, using a common final worksheet and a marking grid. Organise a final discussion during which the students will have the chance to offer their feedback on their classmates’ work and presentations.

 Project development
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