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Planning for group travel-from the Bangkok Post (July 15, 2003)

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Submitted by:
Maureen Paetkau
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Submitted on: 04/13/2004 02:35:20 

Topic: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Role Play, Group Work, Games, Travel, Holidays, Shopping, Other
Level: Intermediate, Advanced,
Age: Teens, Adults,
Skill: Listening, Speaking, Reading Comprehension,
An interactive group activity to help students understand and get the feeling for traveling on their own!
To work in a group and make decisions based on information presented.
30+ minutes

Teachers: Below are four of those Travel Guide selections plus a brief description of five groups of tourists. This is a group decision-making activity. Have the class working in groups of 5 or 6 students and give each student group one of the tourist groups. All the students also need all the short articles about places to go. In the group, students will have to decide which activity or activities their group of travelers would enjoy and have time for. The group may make some other decisions about the people in their group to add interest to the activity. When groups share with the whole class, they must give reasons for their choices.


Group one is a group of eight active middle-aged travelers from Japan visiting Thailand for a twelve-day holiday.


Group two is a group of American teenagers who volunteer at an environmental project in the south and have the next two weeks off.


Group three is two foreign families living in Bangkok and wanting to get out of town for a few days to avoid the crowds and polluted air of the city.


Group four is a small group of European backpackers in Thailand as part of a three-month trip around Asia.


Group five is a group of your friends who want to spend a few days together doing something interesting for everyone.


Students: Here’s what to do: You will get four short articles to read about places to go and things to do in Thailand. You will also have a description of a group of tourists. Your job is to decide which activity or activities your group would be most interested in. You should consider their ages, how much money they have or want to spend and what they would be interested in. As a group you might want to add to the description with some ideas of your own, for example, what their interests might be or how they would like to travel. Be prepared to explain to the class why you chose the particular activities for your group.


Samui Carnival

July 18-20 is carnival time on the internationally-renowned Samui island famous its fine sandy beaches, coconut trees and full-moon night parties.


The island is venue for Samui Carnival 2003 _ three days and three nights of partying backed by cultural performances, games, food festival, races and dancing. The carnival will take off with a spectacular parade of floats from 6:30-8pm on July 18.


For reservation, contact Bangkok Airways at 02-265-5805 or see



Preah Vihear reopens


 The historic Khmer sanctuary, Preah Vihear, which straddles the Thai-Cambodian border has been reopened to visitors after a two-year closure due to environmental problems.


From the Thai side, visitors can reach the sanctuary through Khao Phra Viharn national park in Si Sa Ket and Ubon Ratchathani. The park has numerous other natural attractions, such as waterfalls, caves and walking trails.


Since the sanctuary is located in Cambodia, visitors are required to pay an entrance fee to the national park and another fee to the sanctuary. The park charges Thai visitors 20 baht and foreigners 200 baht. The sanctuary charges Thais 50 baht and foreigners 200 baht.



Green Leaf packages


Green Leaf Travel Co Ltd is offering various tour packages to explore nature and culture in the lower northeastern region, a few hours' drive from Bangkok.


Trekking in Khao Yai, a national park closest to Bangkok. The day tour takes you on a trek to study the ecology of Khao Yai, plus a visit to its famous waterfalls.

A less adventurous package involves visiting fruit orchards in Nakhon Ratchasima to sample fresh fruits and visit Chok Chai Farm, the largest cattle farm in Southeast Asia.

Culture enthusiasts may want to visit Dan Kwian village to see and shop for crafted and sculpted products, and visit Pimai Sandstone Sanctuary.

For more information, contact Mr Wuttipong at 01-657-5454



Bird watch


 Thap Lan National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima is an ideal spot for bird watching. Nature Trails is organizing a tour there from July 19-20. The dipterocarp woodland is in full bloom during the rainy season.

The weekend trip by mini van is limited to five-eight persons.

The tour cost is 2,200-2,900 baht depending on group size and includes meals, guide fee and accommodation at park bungalow.

For more details, call 02-735-0644, 09-409-2027. Or see
Create more groups:
1.A travel agency that books flights, bus tickets, tours or hotel rooms!
2. It would be interesting to make a visa office for those that may need visas to enter Thailand!
3. Add to the activity by giving each group a certain amount of money and make them budget their expenses!
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Find the original lesson plan at:
Other References:  
Thanks again to Maureen and Terry and everyone at the Bangkok Post!
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