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Submitted on: 09/25/2004 03:22:27 

Topic: Pronunciation, Warm-ups, Time Fillers, Role Play, Games, Love & Relationships, Other
Level: Intermediate, Advanced,
Age: Teens, Adults
Skill: Listening, Speaking,
This is a great warm up to play with students who are personable and willing to actively speak.
It is important to get the students engaged in using English and actively listening and thinking.
15-25 Minutes
People with an imagination.
Pick out 3-4 people form the class. They will be the players. The teacher gives them their relationship to each other. A generic example could be Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. (It is fun when the men start playing the women parts.) After a while, the teacher may allow them to pick their own relationships.

The class is to think of a situation and announce it to the class, much like on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” When the teacher hears a decent situation, he/she then gives the order to the players to start.
The play usually starts with every character introducing herself or himself. Each player should tell a story (Impromptu style) about the situation and HOW IT AFFECTS THEIR OWN CHARACTER. All is told in 1st person.
The way and the order in which characters speak is not really important, as long as they all speak. After the introductions, things start to happen. Every character reflects on what is happening from their own perspective, and each character adds elements to the story.
Teacher should moderate and let them keep going (and make sure that every character keeps contributing) as long as things stay interesting. The characters should start using parts of the story told from before to create interesting conversations. At a certain point, the teacher may allow the ‘audience’ to ask each character some questions about themselves or the situation. Once the situation’s interest level has died, switch players and situations.
It is good to have the players spread out so that they have to speak louder so everyone in the class can hear them.
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