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ESL Monkeys' Free English as a Second Language Learning & Teaching Resources for ESL Students & Teachers
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Free English Language Learning Resources Online

- English as a Second Language (ESL) Study Materials

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Learn a word every day!

  • Learn phrasal verbs use our online tool.
  • Examples are given to show you how to use the new words.
  • Understand how native English speakers use their language.
  • Use your new word at least three times that day!
  • Impress yourself.
  • Impress your classmates, teacher, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or boss.
  • Feel smarter.
  • Be smarter.

Free English Reading & Writing Lessons

  • Learn English using news articles.
  • Practice and exercises are included in each lesson.
  • Find a wide range of reading material for almost any purpose.
  • Reading comprehension, vocabulary builders and conversation starters.
  • Students can get feedback from their work by turning in assignments in students' forum.

Free English Learning Books & Articles!

Download and/or read ESL books and articles for FREE. English-as-a-Second-Language resources available for Advanced, Intermediate and Elementary students.


Online English Story Room!

  • Practice your English reading skills.
  • Reinforce new vocabulary through reading.
  • Enrich your writing resources.
  • Start a discussions base on the story you read.
  • Search stories by age, level and length.
  • Use your brain in all the ways it is meant to be used!


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